Monday, August 8, 2011

Chike Giveaway!!

The wonderful guys over at Chike! gave me a call today.  
It seems that they are thrilled that I like their product!

I heart those guys.

They really are the best.

They want to make sure you love them just as much.  
So they are allowing me to hook my readers up with some of their product!
A 1.59 tub of their Strawberry Burst!

So here's the rules:
1.  You have to "like" and share my Facebook page. Click HERE
2.  You have to "like" and share Melting Mama.  Without her I wouldn't know Chike!  Click HERE
3.  Most importantly you have to "like" and share CHIKE!'s Facebook's page.  Click HERE
4.  When you're all done leave me a comment and let me know.  I will enter your name into a random generator (aka a paper bag) and let my assistant (my son) randomly pick a winner.
5.  The deadline is August 11th at 8pm.  

Spread the word.  The more people I'm able to have participate in this contest will determine if I'm able to do this again. 


  1. I've done all of the above :) Also, do you mind if I post a link to your contest on my blog? Send me a message on FaceBook :) GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERS!

  2. Hope it works this time. Thanks for doing the Chike giveaway. And I've enjoyed reading your OH posts and what I've seen on your blog.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey VM! Thanks for all the useful information and FB group recommendations. You've been an angel!

    Keep up the raffles!


  4. Hello....I have done all three (already liked Chike and Melting Mama). I just found you through my new friend Ashley Davis-Britner.

    Barbara Jo Marlow on Facebook

  5. Please add me. I did the steps. Thanks!

  6. I love Melting Mama, I have liked Chike, and you, I am asking that you add me to the giveaway, The Shrinking Goddess.

  7. You know I did everything you asked for because I am DYING to try Chike :) ... YaY!!!... Hope I win!.. BTW HUGS! <3

  8. I totally missed the Like MM step. <3


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