Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chike Review

My baby's back and I couldn't be happier.  I feel like I can officially resume life again.  That includes this blog.

So let's talk Chike!

Apparently I must of forgot to take pictures.  So I'll grab some from them so you can get an idea of what their product looks like. 

Let's start off with the fact that I hate protein drinks.  Actually I've only met a handful of people who do like them.  Part of my dislike for them is that for them to taste good you have to make up creative and sometimes odd concoctions in order to ingest them.  So from the door, when I received my samples I was pretty hesitant to like it.  

For my reviews I will only use water with a splash of soymilk if I feel it should be creamy.  For this review I strictly used water and followed the package directions:
"Fill shaker with 7oz. of water or your favorite beverage.
Add 1 packet (48g) of Chike.
Shake well and ENJOY!"

(The only thing I did extra was add two ice cubes after I was done shaking)

Made with strictly water and 2 ice cubes Chike's Strawberry Burst is full of flavor and just the right consistency.  I also didn't experience any nasty protein after taste that I normally do.  One of my favorite parts about this drink is that I only had to add 7oz of liquid.  The amount of liquid I have to add is super important to me since I'm an early post-op and can still only ingest a little bit at a time.  I find that other protein drinks require more liquid which means longer to ingest and by the time I'm done them they are warm and gross.  I also look for protein drinks that are true to their flavor.  If it's strawberry I want it to literally burst with Strawberry goodness into my mouth.  I don't want something that vaguely resembles pink liquid with some sweetness to it.  Chike  delivered enough strawberry goodness to my taste buds that I was almost disappointed it was gone.  I wanted more.  I'm going to wait to try the other flavors before I order because if their Strawberry was this good I can only imagine how good Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla must be!

Keep your eyes peeled for my first giveaway this week.  I will be giving away some Torani Syrup and some protein samples to try it with!  Spread the word so we can make this happen and have fun with it!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting this review. Are you a strawberry milk fan? Is this a 'creamy fruit' taste? I'm super hesitant to try strawberry flavored, but based on this review I MIGHT have to. I need to get on my reviews too! PS- LOVE the new blog design :)

  2. I'm am not a strawberry milk fan (but I love me some chocolate milk). It's not too creamy but I also only used water. If you made this with milk or half and half it may be on the creamier side.
    Yes try it! It's definitely worth it. It's like strawberry bursting in your mouth. I just made the banana one and used 1% milk (its what I have on hand for my son) and some ice cubes with a splash of caramel Torani syrup. YUM! It's like a banana foster!

    PS. Thanks :)

  3. Do you happen to have the Protein and Carb count per serving info? :)

  4. And that I do. I thought I had posted it in my review but alas I forgot. Here's a link to the single servings with nutritional info:


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