Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

So obviously I've been bad with my schedule.  I think I like the way I've been blogging better anyway. 

My bags are packed, my vitamins are stocked, and everything is ready.  I received my final shipment from Vitalady today. 

I have enough vitamins to last me until November, barring any additional things I may need depending on my levels.  I won't need to start taking these for a few weeks but I'm armed and ready.  The box you see is full of samples and protein packets.  The liquid prescription bottle is pain meds filled and ready and the pink boxes in the background are Ziplock baggies.  That's how I'm going to organize my vitamins at first.  I'll have a big bag with four smaller bags inside.  Each big bag will be good for one day and each little bag will be labeled which time of the day I take it.  I will of course re-use my bags.  I will eventually switch to The MedCenter 31 Day Organizer.

I have a few jars of baby food and a box of baby cereal.  I have plenty sugar free Jello and Crystal Light.  I stocked up on creamy soups on my last trip to Trader Joe's.  I told you I was an over-preparer.

In my hospital bag (no picture, sorry) is:
pads (because of course this is a popular time of the month)
underwear (hospital underwear suck)
a brush
my own shampoo and conditioner (again hospital handouts suck)
and on Sunday I will add my phone charger, laptop and MP3 player (aka my wifi only Droid)

Nothing fancy.  I'll be too drowsy to really care about much else. I almost thought about not bringing my laptop but it's mostly to communicate with my son through video chat.  Well one way video chat.  I can't find my webcam for my home computer but he'll be able to see his mom even if all I am doing is sleeping, walking and, well, sleeping.   

Tomorrow in the mail I should have my Long Reach Comfort Wipe.  I said when I started this blog I wouldn't hold anything back and I'm sticking to my promise.  For those who aren't familiar with major abdominal surgery (my surgery is open), my stomach muscles aren't going to work the way they should at first.  Taking my size into consideration on top of that leaves us with a very messy situation.  In the hospital I have no problem asking nurses for help.  I had to do it when I had my appendix out and I can do it again.  Once I get home though it's a different story.  Yes, Vamoosh can help, she's even offered.  But honestly that's not an image I want burned into her head of me.

Tomorrow I also receive my BlenderBottle.  I wish I had this when I first started my liquid diet.  Oh well lates better than never since I'll need it for my protein shakes.

The only thing I'm missing now is my surgery time.  I'll find that out on Friday.  They say to call between 2 and 5.  Does anyone really wait until 5?  I will call promptly at 1:59 pm. 

I won't be able to update my blog obviously right away.  I am training Vamoosh on working Blogger so that when she comes home that night she can let you know how I did.  Anyone that knows me outside of my blog (friends and family) and wants a phone call, Email me.  I've already had a few people ask and I have a small list for Vamoosh to call. 

I'm soo excited.  I don't think even a trip to Disney World could top this feeling!


  1. I am so proud of all your preparation!

    I wish you nothing but luck sweetie!!!

  2. Thanx! Keep a warm spot for me on the losers bench. I'm on my way!

  3. I definitely would bring the laptop and your own WiFi if you have it. I'm notorious for blogging through tough situations, and you may feel the need to share and stay connected. It will certainly give you access to your online support group in a way that fills in the gaps. Sometimes family support is slow in coming for awhile.

    I hope that won't be the case for you. In any event, we're here for emotional support. Especially the Aww-Poor-Schmoopsie-We've-Been-There support.

  4. I never thought to bring my own wifi, but now that you say that it makes sense. If the hospitals wifi blocks places like forums or my live camera feed to my son I will be soo upset. I have a wifi hotspot through clear (which is beyond awesome btw).

    See I knew I liked you for a reason (well besides the velveeta ad I still can't stop thinking about) lol

  5. My God those are a lot of vitamins!!! I'm so overwhelmed with the vitamin regimen that I have to do after surgery. I plan on making an attack plan after next week.

    I also need to get a blender cup and some protein samples.

  6. I got my blender cup today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's a lot of vites but it's enough for a few months.

    For samples ask every vitamin company you can find but make sure you are looking for bariatric companies. If you check out OH and search for protein samples there might be a list.


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