Saturday, July 9, 2011

F****n Perfect

Theme song for today:
F****n Perfect by P!nk

Because of my surgery I have been working extra hard to let LV know just how perfect he is just the way he was born.  I tell him all the time he is perfect in every way to me.  I never want him to think that he will have to go to the extremes I am.  Instead we are working extra hard on showing him how to eat and live healthy.  We teach him why we eat certain foods and what they do to our bodies.  We push him as hard as we can to exercise.   Once I start to heal and can really start to walk outside he's going to be my walking buddy.  Of course I know from growing up that all the good parenting in the world can't prevent everything.  My parents were terrific.  My mom worked really hard at making sure we ate the right things.  We were always outside playing.  There was no need to push us to exercise.  Yet I still grew up to be the chubby girl in school and eventually the fat chick I am today.  My self esteem has been in the dump for years because of my weight.  I never want LV to feel like this.  Today's theme song is one we play a lot in my house for that exact reason.  Yes, curse words and all.   And LV can sing it at the top of his little lungs if he wishes.  He's actually a HUGE fan of Pink (my mom is too, must be a family thing).  Pink's music is empowering and  motivational.  Her music can touch you deep down to the core and really make you think twice about situations.  She can also make you feel like your on top of the world and can conquer anything. She's one of the top artists on my play list I made for my surgery.  Maybe tomorrow I'll share it. 

Tomorrow I start my clear liquid diet and I do a final check of my bags for the hospital.  LV will be off to my dads for the night (and the day of my surgery).  The anticipation is driving me nuts.  Since I'm sure Monday will be full of fun things in my IV, I can't wait until Tuesday, that will be the day I can sit in bed look at my belly and say "finally"! 


  1. You have such an awesome attitude! :) I love that song ssoooo much and listen to it any time I'm feeling down. I wish you the BEST BEST BEST luck on Monday! I'm so excited to hear from you when you are feeling up to letting everyone know you're doing ok.
    PS- thanks for the comment on my blog, I have no idea how to reply or else I would, lol. But it was actually YOUR blog that made me realize how much I'm ready to start getting stuff organized and pre-purchased and what not :) So thanks for the push :) I feel better just having it ordered. Oh and I will be getting a blender bottle this weekend. We have a discount nutrition store by us and I saw them there last time for only $5 per bottle, so I'm going to check that out. I also got my ice cream machine for protein ice cream :) yay!

  2. Wow! This has creeped up really quickly! Thinking of you dear . . . I love you!

    By the way, what in the world does LV stand for? I mean, I know how you're talking about, but I'm lost on the abbreviation :P

  3. I love that song. :) Good luck on Monday!


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