Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm still here.  I'm working on tomorrow's blog which I'm researching for.  I'm also trying to hide from all the barbecues going on. 

In other news I cheated today.  Ok so not too big of a deal I had a bite of steak from the grill and a string cheese.  All protein, no carbs and between me and you I deserved it. 

To keep myself busy tomorrow and stay away from the house which will be full of awesome smelling food I will be at the laundromat with my shakes and my water.  I will also have laptop in tow so that I can finish my blog, that is of course if I'm too busy playing angry birds or doing homework.

If I seem quiet the next few days though it's because I'm trying to keep busy.  I'm starting to get anxious about my surgery which is normal.  I'm more nervous about things running smoothly at home and with our son while I'm in the hospital. 

Now I have to go finish the potato salad for tomorrow that I promised to make while I try not to nibble.

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