Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket

I've got Scentsy in my Basket!!!!!

Because my mind is on overdrive I can't help but do more than two things at once.  My surgery of course is no exception.

I really want some Scentsy.  Like really really break my heart bad.  But I can't afford that.  I'm having life altering surgery.  Do you know how much THAT costs?!  So to help with the costs of my fragrance habit I decided to have a Scentsy Party

If you don't know what Scentsy is think Partylite or any other candle company but with nothing but wick-less candles.  I also think their smells are stronger and they have a larger variety. 

I'm having a "Basket Party" which means that I have a display set up here at home where people who are going to come visit me after my surgery can sample and see what they're about and if they like they can put in an order.  I can also shamelessly whore myself out online to you guys and everyone over at OH to get online orders at my Scentsy Basket Party Page. My part ends the first week in August so take your time if you need it.  HOWEVER if your interested in the old scents they brought back you can only order them in the month of July. 

My infomercial is over.  Please tune in later for my regularly scheduled post.

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