Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi!  I'm here.  Surgery is officially 7 days behind me and I've been home since Saturday.  I haven't forgotten about my blog I promise.  My mind has just been else where.  I miss writing though and I'm glad I've checked in.

There really is so much to write about.  But my attention span is only gonna give me a few more minutes so in a nut shell here goes nothing.

I feel like I got hit by a bus.  But not any bus, a cheery, happy, hippy filled bus.   As much as I feel like crap I feel awesome at the same time.  I'm having a hard time getting in all my water but I'm making my goal of 60 oz a day (I need 4 more oz but 60 is awesome).  I started my Multi with ADEK and tomorrow I'm going to start my iron since I feel so sluggish.  I'm getting in 30 oz of protein a day be it shakes, prosource jello or diet. 

My incision itches and stings a little but it's signs of healing, no redness, puss, swelling or bruising which is awesome!  I think the coolest scars though are the two on my neck from my central line.  It looks like vampire teeth marks.  I personally think my belly scar is small, which is awesome.  It runs  from the top of my belly (bottom of my rib cage) to just about my belly button.  I figured it would be like others I've seen and go around my belly button. 

I'm starting to feel the blues but I think that has to do with more being stuck in this house more than anything.  It's been 100 degrees outside and since I'm forcing fluids I'm scared to go outside and sweat too much since DSers dehydrate so fast.  As soon as my water intake is better I'm going to have to force myself not to run outside.

Ok, my attention span is officially dwindling......  See you tomorrow :)


  1. You are doing SO awesome! Your attention span seems to be better than I'm guessing mine will be, lol.

    Yeah shabbyblogs does totally rock, lol- I was very close to stealing some of your page things but found other awesome ones too. :) I also almost stole your ticker, lol, I guess I just have the same taste as you, lol.

    Can't wait to hear from you more! Heal fast <3

  2. Glad you're doing well. You've got an awesome attitude and I hope that I can be half as cheerful as you when I'm done. :)

    If you'd like to be facebook friends, my name is Heidi DeCoursey. My icon is lumpy space princess, cuz that's me. lol.


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