Friday, July 1, 2011


I want to introduce you to one of the best vitamin supports I've been able to find. Whether it's following her schedule or using her site to navigate the schedule your surgeon will give you, you couldn't ask for a friendlier, support team.  I will tell you up front that they are not doctors nor do they play them on TV.  The only one who can give you the vitamin requirements that are right for you is your surgeon.  HOWEVER, once your labs are in and you've spoken to your doctor, consider Vitalady's schedule.  In my research her schedule and lab sheets create less of a complication rate than some other vitamin protocols available.  Her regimen also makes any problems with labs easier to pinpoint and correct.  I've called them a few times with questions and I've badgered them by email a few times also.  Not only have they been super helpful but I can always hear their smiles through the phone.  They have some of the best information available and I encourage you to visit their site.  

At this point I can only give you my Pre-Op opinion of them but I'm sure if you hop on over to and mention the name Michelle or Vitalady you're going to get a million and one responses from Post-Ops who have way more experience than I do.   So far though, I'm in love.  With the help of a family member I've placed my first very large order.  The customer service was awesome and the package was delivered quick and safe.  When I received my package I was greeted by a rose which was a nice surprise.  I'm missing a few bottles but we already knew they would be coming in a second package.  The amount of vitamins is overwhelming but between the literature that accompanied my order and the phone support I'll be able to get from them will be awesome.  I promise not to bother them with my obsessive phone calls until I'm Post-Op and ready to set them up. I also have to wait until my surgeon gives me the ok to start my regimen. 

Vitalady is on tour right now and next week she will be within 45 minutes of my house.  I can't tell you how sad I am I won't be able to meet her.  My poor little car won't be able to make it to her.  So if you're reading this Michelle, wave to me as you pass my little section of New Jersey and go to your next stop.  Maybe next year I'll be able to come out and meet you, and by then you'll be able to meet the skinny version of me!


  1. I agree! I've been wanting to make a large order myself, but being home w/o a paycheck hurt my pockets. Don't worry, Bariatric Advantage helped out big time.

    Now that I'm back at work, I'm looking forward to uncomplicating my schedule by ordering.

  2. Bariatric Advantage helped me out too. But I found they didn't offer all I needed with their Recover Program. I will still be using their products in the first post-op stage but my goal is to be full throttle on Vitalady as soon as I can.

  3. I am so happy you are doing research and have your vitamins set! So many DSers miss this step on their journey to the operating table. I myself bought oil based at first and had to return them all lol.


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