Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 Things

Yes I know this is dated the 5th.  I couldn't sleep so excuse the middle of the night editing.

Damnit!  I had this wonderful post.  It was a great article on how as a nation we view America and how it's affected how we view ourselves.  I went to spell check it and click "Publish" and it's gone.  One minute one of my furballs was walking across my keyboard, and the next minute my article was gone.  This cat drives me insane.  I love him to pieces but why must he plop down and use my desk as his cleaning/cuddle station?

Since I couldn't have my original article to share and it is the 4th of July I thought I would share 4 random things you didn't know about me.  They'll probably help you understand future posts a little bit better but honestly, they are completely random. 

1.  Although not totally random, a valuable bit of info.  I am a mom to a wonderful 9 year old little boy.  I've mentioned him before and I will again because along with his unwillingness to give up the soft cuddles of his Mommy, his weight is also becoming an issue with the doctors.  I think we shall call him "Little Vanisher" or "LV" for short.  I am also a wife to a wonderful woman.  We've been married for 5 years come this August.  It feels like forever.  I couldn't imagine life without her.  I've been calling her my DP (Domestic Partner) but she needs a fun name.  We shall call her "The Vamoosh".  She is all my son knows.  I am his biological mom (it's everyones first question) but you almost couldn't guess because they mesh together so well. 

2.  I drove my mother crazy as a teenager.  One of the things I used to do was dye my hair.  I don't mean a kool-aid packet or spray color fun, I mean over bleach my hair and dye it a new crayola color every other week.  My best friend and I would go to the hippie store in the mall grab a new bottle of Manic Panic, then swing by Sally Beauty Supply for some cream developer and bleach powder.  We'd then go to her house, sit on her back steps and go to town.  This was probably considered mild to the other things I was doing to make my mom's hair prematurely grey, I'm sure the older boyfriends and "experimentations" played a bigger part.  On the upside we're best friends now.  She's the jelly to my peanut butter roll up, the icing on my Cinnabon, the bacon to my eggs, you get the point.  I love my Mommy :)

3.  We have pets.  I have a Ball Python.  I love him.  He is only MY snake, Vamoosh and LV refuse to mess with him.  LV likes to show him off to his friends and is getting braver but he still won't hold him long.  He's awesome.  Not as awesome as my Dumpy Frog I once had but pretty darn close.  His name is Trent after Trent Reznor of NIN.  I named him that because Trent is one of the baddest MFers I know, so my snake should be just as bad ass, and he is.  I also have two rescued furballs.  Sayori, our Bengal, is pretty but selfish and doesn't like to be bothered to much so we keep our distance.  She thinks she's a princess.  She will cry for you to pet her but only on her time.  Valentino, our Toyger is spoiled rotten.  He plays with the magnets on the fridge.  Every morning we have to pick them up off the floor.  He loves to see what we're hiding in the fridge also, you can't open it without him trying to climb in.  He's a total lover and loves kids.  He will greet anyone at the door and expect to be petted and loved upon.  He thinks we're an item and is super territorial over the whole family.  He also thinks Vamoosh shouldn't sleep next to me and has been known to wiggle between us in the bed at night after he's yelled at her 3 inches from her sleeping face. He is normally found cuddled in my arms at the computer desk.  If I'm doing school work he sleeps in the chair next to me. Wherever I am he is not far behind.  Right now he is on the chair I put next to me, stretched out with his head on my lap.

4.  My favorite color is lime green.  Upon meeting me you would think my favorite color is pink.  And it is awesome.  I do love me some pink.  Pantone #230 C  and #18-2120 to be exact.  Almost everything I own is pink.  Pink makes me happy.  Pink is calming, but green is exciting.  It makes your blood rush and your eyes pop open.  Green is fresh and new!  Sometimes it stimulates me too much so I stick to pink.  But deep down I have a love affair for green.  Lime green specifically but all greens win my heart. 

So now you know 4 new things about me.  I think I like random fact days.  I'll have to do them more often.  Whats a random fact about you?


  1. Hmmm I am turning 26 this August but look 15 still Lol

    I speak 2 and a Half languages :)

    I liked 3 years of my life in Costa Rica

    And ... I don't have much of a family but I have a wonderful mommy that i love very much too! :)

    Yay! I love these keep posting :)

  2. Lived 3 years in Costa Rica** sorry >.<

  3. Very cool.

    I loved pink when I was younger and then I hit middle school and it wasn't cool to like pink. I wanted to be cool so I stopped liking it.

    I'm taking back my love for pink and I am unashamed!


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