Saturday, September 3, 2011


While cruising the web I ran into this little beauty you see on the right.   Being the kinda girl who likes to try new things I was anxious to try it and before I could click through the website I came up with a few reasons why a DSer would love one:
  1. Vitamins on the go.  This is water resistant so taking your vitamins on the go is simple and safe.  
  2. Small valuables while we exercise such as phone, credit cards, or even a few dollars.
  3. A safe place to keep things hand when going to this years OH conference!
I received my PamiPocket in the mail about 2 weeks ago and I'm in love with it.  The fabric is soft and stretchy.   The stitching is strong and resilient and the cord is just the right length to hang nicely.  

We tried splashing some water on it to see just how water resistant it was.  This was fun for my 9 year old who was finally told to wet something that should stay dry.  Nothing in the PamiPocket got wet.  

So far it's held up nicely to my everyday abuse.  I keep a days worth of vitamins in it and throw it in my purse.  If I'm going into a store or running errands I've thrown my cash and drivers license in the side pocket and just grabbed this and have been able to leave my purse in the car. 

Would I recommend this to my readers?  Without a doubt! 

Let me know some other uses you think this would be great for in the comments below! 

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