Thursday, June 23, 2011

I thrive for schedules

I need a schedule for everything.  I've always thrived this way, and as my mother can tell you without a schedule I can not function.  My blog should be no different.  Starting next week my blog schedule will be as follows:

Monday - A day to learn, this will consist of an article, a news source, or something of educational information about WLS or healthy living in general.
Tuesday - Tell me Tuesdays will be a post of suggestions from my audience.  Until my audience grows I'll be asking loved ones for suggestions.  Maybe it's a recipe you want me to try out or a specific topic that would be interesting to write about.  As long as it involves WLS or healthy living it counts!
Wednesday -  This will be my product review days.  I've already been contacted by a few companies who are popular in the WLS community that will be sending me samples to try out and review.  This should be fun and will kick off the ground more once I'm a few weeks post-op.
Thursday - I need a day to ramble and Thursdays will be it.  It will also be my day of rest.  If you ever expect to not see a post from me expect it to be on a Thursday. However since I like to talk a lot (well, type I guess) I will probably find something to bore you with. I've contemplated making it confession Thursdays.  We'll see about this one.
Friday - Week in review.  How was your week?  I'd love to hear from you and I promise to share all of my nitty gritty details with you. 
Saturday and Sunday - Why would you really be reading this on a weekend?  I can't be the only one without a life.  But if you really want to hang out with me I can make this a recipe post. 

Tonight I will be making banners.  A few for me and one for a company that has won my heart.  See you tomorrow!


  1. This sounds awesome!! I can't wait to see :)

    I am a bit OCD with schedules too. I love making them! I get super into it and get all fancy with color codes and everything, but then I never follow them :/ Maybe you will inspire me to keep at it!

  2. Hello! New reader & fellow blogger popping over from NY DSer FB group.

    I began blogging in February, and I enjoy it. I wish I had taken more time initially to iron out my editorial schedule, but I had no clue about blogging then.

    I am following your blog now, let us know when you make a button, & I look forward to seeing your posts! Pop over to my "house" for awhile. I could use some of your organizational skills there!

  3. @Stephaine I get the same way too! One thing I learned through OA was KISS (keep it simple stupid) and sometimes I have force myself to remember that. When I do it normally works out better!

    @Blackberry Mama Headed on over to your house for a bit to check things out. I will definitely let you know when I have a button. First I gotta come up with a logo lol! As for the schedule if I didnt come up with you my blog would be filled with rambles and I would never be productive. :)


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